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Democratic Management Skills Check-Up

A free assessment of your democratic management skills, conducted through a 60-minute webinar offered the third Thursday of each quarter in 2019.

9:00-10:00 PST / 12:00-1:00 EST




Each webinar in this series is taught by a manager of a successful employee-owned company who speaks from their direct experience. 

9:00-10:15 PST / 12:00-1:15 EST

Open-Book Management Practicum

This four-part interactive practicum goes deeper into the social system that lays the groundwork for open-book management to take hold in a business. Led by Jen Briggs, former HR director at employee-owned New Belgium Brewing Company, we'll address how organizational citizenship connects to open-book management. You'll also develop your own blueprint for change with three immediate steps to put into action. No need to have taken previous open-book management webinars to attend! 


May 8, May 29, June 5, June 26






Successful companies need to be agile, and successful managers know that the more employees are engaged, the faster they can respond and pivot to meet changing conditions. More and more companies are seeking to create a participatory work environment and an organizational culture where managers willingly share information, encourage employees to think and act like owners, empower employees to be more accountable, and involve employees in decision-making. Yet most managers are not sure how to do this. 

Upon completion of this certificate program, business owners and managers will understand and use:

  • Open book management tools and techniques to communicate critical financial metrics and engage employees in tracking them, including how and when to include employees in critical business decisions; 

  • Strategic thinking and decision-making tools and techniques that invite broad participation and account for multiple stakeholders; and

  • High-performance human resource tools and techniques to enhance employee engagement, improve performance, develop effective communication skills, and promote leadership development.

 Dates and Location

October 7 – 11, 2019

The Heldrich Hotel and
Conference Center
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


   $2,500 *
Early bird registration by May 31, 2019,
receives a 15% discount: $2,125  

* Inquire here for scholarship and
discount opportunities for group registration.



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What Works Webinar Series

Our 2018 webinars were on three topics: Finance, Governance, and HR.


Opening the Books, Closing the Circle  May 23, June 6, June 20  (Past)
In this series, Jen Briggs (formerly of New Belgium) simplifies Open Book Management in stages.  Participants walk away with practical tools for building a financial score card, a business literacy checklist and a company wide training plan.

How Ready Are You for Open Book Management?  July 18 (Past)
Jen Briggs walks you through an assessment tool to help align you and your leadership team on what numbers to share with members.

It’s Like Magic: A Financial Report Template that Gets People Engaged  August 1 (Past)
Joe Marraffino of the Democracy at Work Institute demonstrates a visual tool you can use to input numbers, print out trends and better prepare workers to engage in strategic decision making.


Assessing Your Threats Using These Easy Tools  August 15 (Past)
John McNamara (formerly of Union Cab) shares easy tools to prepare managers and board members for strategic decision making.

Creating Strategy Collaboratively  August 29 (Past)
John McNamara shares ways to productively engage members in mapping your company's strategic direction.

Who Gets to Decide What? Create Clarity with Decision Zones  September 26 (Past)
Jen Briggs shares a best-practice mapping tool to clarify who makes what decision and why:  board, manager, owner or ‘shop floor’ worker. 

Membership Defined: Balancing Rights and Responsibilities  October 10 (Past)
Jen Briggs lays out a model set of rights and responsibilities and a template for you to use in your workplace to help build and strengthen your ownership culture.

Who Needs a Work Plan?  October 24 (Past)
Anne Reynolds (formerly of University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives), together with a worker-owner from Cooperative Care, shares a model management work plan, built out of a challenging management transition.

Human resources

Hire Carefully, Fire Quickly, Support Intensively: Lessons Learned the Hard Way  November 7 (Past)
Joseph Tuck (formerly of Alvarado Street Bakery) reflects on how they made “every mistake possible” to arrive at some of the very best practices in working with people.

Welcome On-board! On-boarding Tales From the Field  November 14 (Past)
Learn strategies to recruit and orient workers to become owners from Teresa Mansell, Founding Mother of ChildSpace.